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Disposable Plastic Party Plates with Napkin Rolls and Cutlery Sets, 12oz bowls, Coffee mugs (Gold)

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$32.90 - $145.90
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  • - ALL-INCLUSIVE DINNERWARE SET: 20 Guest set: The set includes 20 dinner plates, 20 salad or dessert plates, 20 12oz bowls, 20 coffee mugs, 20 silver cultery roll (20 white Napkin with 20 knives, 20 forks, and 20 spoons) so there are plenty for your to serve you family or guests multiple courses. Measurements: Dinner Plate: 10.25” D, Salad Plate: 7.5” D, Fork: 7.35"L, Knife: 7.9"L, Spoon: 7.0"L.
  • - PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Host an elegant event, impressing friends with lavish dinnerware and silverware, while making cleanup easy with these plastic plates and utensils or have an intimate family get-together celebrating not having to do the dishes
  • - CONVENIENT: The design of pre rolled napkins with silver cutlery make you hassle free of decorating your silverware. You also don’t worry about the cleaning that you just throw them away.

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