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Six Piece Meal Kit - include Heavy Weight Black Fork, Knife, and Teaspoon, Napkin, Salt and Pepper Packets Case of 250

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  • Introducing our Six Piece Meal Kit, the ultimate solution for convenient dining on-the-go. Each kit comes complete with everything needed for a hassle-free meal experience, packaged together for easy distribution and enjoyment. Included in each kit are heavy-weight black utensils, including a fork, knife, and teaspoon, crafted for durability and comfort during use. Whether it's cutting through tender meats or stirring in sugar to your coffee, these utensils ensure a satisfying dining experience. Complementing the utensils is a napkin, providing cleanliness and convenience for wiping hands or mouths while enjoying your meal.
  • Additionally, each kit includes salt and pepper packets, allowing you to customize your dish to perfection, enhancing flavor with just the right amount of seasoning. With 250 kits per case, our Six Piece Meal Kit is perfect for catering events, food trucks, or any establishment aiming to streamline meal service while maintaining quality and convenience. Upgrade your dining experience today with our comprehensive meal kits.
  • Comes in a case of 250 kits for bulk ordering and efficient inventory management

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